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May 10, 2012
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"Go away Francis!" I scoffed.

"Cherie! Please!" he chased after me. Once again he chased me to my house.

"Why can't he leave me alone" I sighed. This has been occurring for a month in a half now. Even though I threaten to call the police I just don't have the heart to do it.... he had a reputation that I don't want to be part of so I constantly avoided him.According to the rumor I heard, I was the only girl he hasn't gotten to. This would explain why he was so persistent. To be honest, a part of me wished that wasn't true. Day after day, Francis stalked me from my house to work and everything in between.

"Cherie please just give me a chance please?" he asked again. Finally I gave in all the girls at my job scoffed.

"He's just going to dump after he gets between your legs." a girl said she claimed to be the first girl he's been with here.

"I wont let it get that far trust me." I say.

"That's what they all say."

"Watch this is how it will go: He'll invite you to his house for dinner and he'll say he has lots of wine that doesn't want to go to waste and always fill your cup with it, then when your buzzed he'll get you." she explained. I rolled my eyes. Later that night, he invited me to dinner at his house just like the lady said.

But I have to admit his food was amazing. Each bite was like perfect harmony on my taste buds. The candles on our desks made his bright blue eyes sparkle. I began to look into two oceans drowning in them every second.


"Huh?!" I asked snapping out of my trance.

"I asked if the food was good?" he said.

"It's amazing." I smiled. He grinned and took a sip of wine. Oddly enough, I had water. I looked at the water

"I know I have a bit of a reputation. There's nothing in the water." he said sadly.

"Oh, alright." he sighed and suddenly this just got awkward.

"So what made me so different that you didn't want to 'drunken me up'" I asked making him blush.

"I wanted someone who can deal with me and my reputation. Someone who I can date continuously." he admitted looking at his food.

"You didn't want me to think I was a one night stand?" I asked. He nodded. I have to say that's pretty sweet. I sat back and looked at the water still with a hint of doubt. He took the water and sipped it.

"It's fine. And non, I don't have anything I could pass on." he said. I nodded and dared to take a sip of my own. Soon the conversation lightened up and we had a great time. The next day I woke up in a bed, that wasn't mine. I looked under the covers to see I was in his pajamas also I looked over to see that Francis was gone. Then it hit me. A savory smell of crapes filled the room. I walked downstairs and saw him cooking breakfast without a shirt. Trying to stay focused on what I was doing here in his clothes.

"Uh, Morning?" He smiled and looked back at me.

"'ow was your sleep?" Okay, I am confused.

"Did we-"

"Non." okay?

"So why was I in your bed?" I asked.

"I let you sleep in my room and I took the couch." he said in a "not to worry tone". "It began to 'ail and you walked here. I couldn't let you leave like that so you spent the night" he explained. Seems reasonable. I checked outside to see the little balls of destruction scattered on the floor and the holes and cracks in people's car windows....


"What?" I asked.

"My night clothes they suit you." he chuckled. Seeing that this was alright for the moment, I laughed and sat down with him. We ate talked and laughed some more. When the weather cleared, I changed and he walked me home.

"Thank you for your hospitality." I said.

"Anything for you Cherie." he grinned.

"Did you do this with every girl here?" I joked knowing now how he got his rep.

"Non, only you." Only me. That's all he seemed he wanted.

"Yes, only me. Why?"

"Your not like the other girls, ____, you just aren't."


"You aren't judgmental like them. You were patient with me, if I made you crazy sometimes." I couldn't help but to chuckle at that. "For that I always wanted to do this." he crushed his lips on mine and even though I was shocked, I kissed him back. He guided my hands to his neck and rested his on my waist when I kept them there. I granted his entrance and he smirked. With every caress of his lips sparks flew making me want more. As if he discovered my new found passion, he squeezed and roughened the kiss at little. Desperate for air I broke the kiss making him chuckle.

"You're good how can you last that long?" I gasped.

"Gotta keep up to my rep oui?" he joked winking at me.

"So I'll see you again?" we both asked. Both chuckling he leaned in barely touching his cold wine rich lips with my soft warm ones.

"I wouldn't miss a chance like this in the world." he purred before goosing me causing me to jump and crash my lips on to his. Later that day, we walked through the park hand in hand leaving a trail of astonished faces.

"He didn't tap you?!" the same lady asked a few days later.

"No, in fact were pretty serious." I say proudly.

"Humph… well leave it to you to change his old perverted ways." she laughed.

Six months later, he managed to convince me to come with him to Paris to be his date for his friends wedding. I was in a cranberry cocktail dress with my hand interlocked with his as we waited for them to say "I do".

"If anyone object to this speak now or-"

"Wait, I need to say something!" Francis jumped up and shouted. He goes to the bottom of the stairs smiles at me and then looks at the couple.

"Père, Philippe, Ella, avez-vous l'espriten faisant undouble mariage?" he asked in French. Ella smiled at me and pulled me up on the alter. As I walked up I feel something slip up my finger when I looked I saw a ring with jewels in the same order as the French flag.

"Francis, I-"

"If you just say "oui" all the "I"'s will become "us"'s" tears welled in my eyes. "Will you marry me 'ere and now?"

"Oui." the ceremony resumed and Phillip, Francis' best friend who was told everything about me, Ella, his wife, who is really sweet, and Francis and I will now share a wedding anniversary.

"He married you?!" the same lady asked shocked when I came back and showed (bragged) about the ring to my co-workers.

"Yeah and I wouldn't have if I believed your stupid lies about him. The only tramp here is you!" I snapped making her shut up. "Yeah he told me everything. He may be a perv, but unlike you he has boundaries! (They're just so very far away XD)." That night after defending my new husband and feeling quite good about it, I open the door to our new place to be greeted by a trail of roses leading to a very eager Frenchman. The next morning I woke up in his pajamas and walked downstairs to see him shirtless cooking breakfast.

"Morning." I greeted.

"How did you sleep?" he asked smiling and holding me close. "Ma chère femme."


Père, Philippe, Ella, avez-vous l'espriten faisant undouble mariage? ← Father, Phillip, Ella, how do you feel about a double marriage?

Ma chère femme ← my dear wife
I love this. I was so nice that I gave you a story I made for myself!

France lovers: thank you cocoa~♥
Me: you're welcome!

Hetalia is not mine....^.^

Fun fact: This is one of my first fanfics XD
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