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May 10, 2012
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"Morning Kiku." you greeted to him shyly in the morning at his desk like you always do.
"Oh, good morning ___." he greeted. You checked in. You always had a thing for Kiku but you would rather be burned alive than tell him and face possible rejection.
"H-How are you?" he blushed.
"F-Fine." you replied. he nodded.
"That's good." quickly you rushed to your desk. Three rows down and four across from his desk. There you had a great angle of him where you can spy on him. Everyday you focused on his silky black hair, calm and collected voice and doe-like chocolate brown eyes without him knowing. You loved gazing at every detail of him.
"___? ___?" you looked up to see Kiku staring right at you. Instantly you two blushed.
"Well, its lunch hour." he replied.
"Oh, so it is..." you say looking at the clock trying to avoid eye contact.
"I-I was wondering if you wanted to come eat lunch with me?" he asked in his quiet tone.
"S-Sure." you smiled standing up.
"Yeah." you two walked out the door trying to ignore the hoots and hollers of your co-workers.
"Go get him girl." your gay best-friend and roommate winked at you. You glared at him before you made it out the door.You two walked in a little cafe 3 blocks away. The food was good and you and Japan had a pleasant conversation about your co-workers.
"We should do this more often." you said. He blushed and nodded,
"Yes, this was nice,"
"Yeah, it was." you two noticed a girl came to your table with a pleased smile on her face.
"You guys are like the cutest couple I've seen!" she giggled. Both your eyes widened,
"Wait, you two aren't a couple?" the girl asked slightly disappointed,
"N-No" Japan answered trying to avoid eye contact. You just looked down. All the other costumers that were watching you looked a bit embarrassed,
"That's a shame you guys would make such-"
"Check please!" you and Japan both said with new shades of red. After you convinced Japan to split the bill instead of him paying for it all you two walked back to all your co-workers leaving your friends desk masked with guilty faces.
"Thank you that was fun." you smiled. In the spur of the moment you kissed his cheek making bear a shade that could put tomatoes to shame. He nodded and you two went back to your seat.
"That's it?" your friend asked. you rolled your eyes.
"Yes,that's it what did you expect?"
"Never mind I dont wanna know." you shook your head. He chuckled. Realizing what you did you matched his shade.
"That was bold for you ya know." he smiled.
"Dont remind me." you sighed. He scooted forward and huffed.
"Sweetheart, he is smiling in his chair and I'm pretty sure something is full in the front." he laughed. you sighed. (i just realized hes wrong XD sorry sorry)
"While he's thinking of you why don't you ask him out now?" he said kicking you down the row along with the help of all your co-workers. You bumped into Kiku.
"Oh, ___." he said shocked.
"Hi." you blushed and looked around seeing you were surrounded by your co-workers. You just sat back and stayed silent. So your friend jumped in.
"Okay, we all know this too well. Kiku, you like her and ___, I know for a fact you like him and if you so much as deny it I will show him what you have in your file case. Kiku please before all grow old and die-"
"GO OUT WITH HER!" your co-workers and boss said. You two blushed.
"O-Okay" he replied making everyone cheer.
"So Saturday, dinner and movie?" your friend asked. You just looked at him as if to say. "I can't believe you just did that!"
Saturday came and you wore a blue/black corset top, with black skinnys and blue heels. You met up with outside yours and your friends house and both your jaws dropped. Kiku was wear a brown button up nice jeans and brown shoes. The brown made his eyes pop.
"Y-You look..." you guys began. You both knew what you were going to say so you stopped. Walking to the restaurant you found your hand in his and smiled. He looked away blushing. The dinner was amazing and the live jazz band was even better.
"This is amazing" you said when you took a bite of your desert. He ate some of his own and nodded. Then, some of the workers gently forced you two on the dance floor. You two realized that you were both light on your feet. After dinner and forced dancing you two split the bill again. (After convincing him to again) you two went to the movies and you both agreed on horror. Even though you were never scared by these movies the killer frightened you. The thing that really got you was his wicked laughter. Every time he laughed it gave you the chills.
"Were you scared?" he asked after the movie.
"Just by the killer." you answered shuttering.
"I dont think it was that bad." he smiled.
"Well, the killer played that part a little too well if you ask me." he chuckled at your remark.
"he was pretty good wasn't he?" at the house you pecked him on the lips and he let it linger.
"Um, goodnight." you and him both say. Right when you step in you were attacked by questions from your friend. Finally you gave in and told him everything he didn't even interrupt once. The next day you say cherry blossoms on your desk surrounding a card that read. "Thank you for a wonderful date. Kiku." you smiled.
~Nine months later~
You were gazing at all the cherry blossoms falling off the trees in Japan.
"It's amazing." you gasped.
"So are you." he smiled. You kissed him.
"There's a real reason I brought you here." he explained breaking the kiss. he got down on one knee and pulled out a box holding a ring with a big diamond in the middle surrounded by little pink ones.
"___, I love you with all my heart, i want to be able to wake up every morning and see your face next to mine. I dont care were we'll be I just want to see your face first thing in the morning for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?" you nodded and he slipped the ring on your finger. he kissed you passionately letting all the love, lust, desire and power break through. Three days later you were married in that same spot and your friend left a puddle of tears in his chair happy that he gets to be a "Godfather" soon. You woke up days later in your new place with Kiku. You smiled at his face when he slowly woke up.
"Ohayou." he said lovingly.
Well, this was for a friend and I thought i would share it. Plus, I don't have that many HetaliaXReaders right now..... don't kill me! ;~;

I kinda like how its fluffy! ^.^

Hetalia is not mine
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oniirinsama23 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
i have never tried dating.i am too shy to ask guys out....
MissXCocoa Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Don't sweat it. Guys our age are fucking morons anyway =.=
DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  New member Student Artist
I have a guy friend who is gay. He and I are best friends.
I could relate this story, to the 45-no...-56 blind dates I have been sent on.
MissXCocoa Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Oh dear... 56?
DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Student Artist
And every guy,(even a girl once), was a total douche.
Mai frind ain't got no taste in boys.
MissXCocoa Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Aw I'm sorry :(
DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Student Artist
Its fine!!
Anyway, I got Hetalia fanfiction to keep me from feeling bad...
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Because population would be too high.
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