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August 6, 2012
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~If I was your girl….friend I would let you touch everything that I am~

At least that's what he read about (name).
France looked at the (h/c) girl walking in the (color that looks good on you) dress walking down the street. Her (h/l) hair blowing softly along with her dress, he looked at her freshly shaven (skin toned) legs and chuckled. He had to have her. So he walked up to her inerupting her happy stroll.

"Bonjour madame." He purred in a thick French accent. The girl smiled.

"Bonjour." She responded politely to the best of her ability.  He grabbed her hand and kissed it softly making her blush.

"May I say that (color that looks good on you) dress makes you look more ravishing than you already are." The woman couldn't respond. She was too flustered. This man just coming up and giving her compliments like that? She never experienced this before.

"Uh….uh…." Come on say something (name!) she scolded herself. "Thank you." She blushed finally finding the right words. He just chuckled and smiled.

"Someone as beautiful as you has no need to be shy mon amie." He interlocked his fingers with hers and looked her in the eye. "It would be my pleasure if I could take you out tonight, may I mon cher?"  All (name) could do was nod like an idiot.

~After dinner at his place (Going into 2nd POV now)~

"W-Wow. That was….just….wow…" you said breathless. He smiled and kissed your head

"Anything for you mon amour."

"But that was amazing!!!" you finally said getting your courage up. He chuckled.

"I'm glad you liked it. Maybe I can cook for you again?" (AN: HONHON You thought I was talking about sex huh? XD) You nodded.

"Please." You loved his cooking. Everything was so flavorful and so rich. The chicken was so tender it fell off the bone and it was so juicy. The sauce he placed ontop of it was amazing, so sweet yet it had an irresistible tang to it at the end. The wine he served was amazing and ….just everything was perfect. The scenery was so romantic as the candles shined everywhere spreading light to the room where you two sat across from each other enjoying the food and company. He was a really sweet person, he smiled listening to your every word as you talked about yourself a little. After having your fifth cup of wine you looked at the clock.

"Oh I should go." You said. His smile faded and his eyes almost seemed like they were begging you not to go.

"Do you really have to?" he asked as if he was a small child. You looked into his sad eyes and almost felt your heart breaking. You really didn't want to leave him, not just yet. He got up and kissed your shoulder softly. "I don't want you to go." Nuzzling your neck, he breathed softly and held you close. "Do you feel that mon cher?"

"Feel what Francis?"

"My 'eart beating like this when I'm with you." He answered. "If you really 'ave to go then promise me we'll do this again." He whispered against your neck. You shivered and nodded.

"O-Of course Francis." He smiled and kissed you softly holding your waist watching your eyes flutter closed and kiss him back holding his arms. When he broke the kiss, your eyes were still half closed from being so dazed. "Maybe…I don't have to leave yet."

~I can feel your body over mine, as you run your fingertips right across my spine~

You purred softly as he stroked your back softly his fingertips doing magic on your body as he swiftly undressed you. He smiled and kissed you again while placing a firm hand on her breast.

"F-Francis~" you moaned. He chuckled and groped softly searching for that spot that made you feel the best. His tongue slowly glided from your neck to your waist as you writhed and gasped as he removed your panties with his teeth. "Francis…what—ah~ Francis~!!" you moaned loudly As you shot up….in your bed. "What?" you asked holding your head. The sun was up and you were in your sheets, in your house. "How did I get—right. Francis walked me home later." You said to yourself. So that was just a dream? You asked yourself. You chuckled. Some dream. You removed the covers and felt the cool air hit your legs. You were wet, you were craving him.

"I need a shower." You said to yourself. Sighing you stripped and got a towel and went into the bathroom. Turning on the water you began to relax as your muscles unclenched as you cleaned yourself. Your body shivered as you touched your neck and your thighs. Your breath was hot. Your breath was hot for him. You wanted him. You needed him.  
"Francis…" you moaned. This was ridiculous. You've only met him yesterday, but you already wanted him so bad. There was just something about him that you needed. He was beautiful, he was charming and so polite and sexy. You unconsciously made the water pressure harder on the shower head as you took it and sweeped off the soap your body with the water. The way the water beat on your skin made you feel amazing as your head moved when the water beat on the muscles of your neck.

"Francis…" you called again knowing well enough he couldn't hear you.

~I could drive you crazy~

You couldn't take it anymore. You had to have him. You just had too. This was too much. Getting out the shower still naked you dried yourself enough to grab your phone as you called him.

"Bonjour?" he answered over the phone.

"Francis.." you smiled softly. He chuckled in your ear softly.

"Ah, Mon cher. 'ow nice. What is it mon amie?"

"I need you." You said blushing. There was a long pause?

"Pardon? I don't--"

"I need you Francis." You sighed. "I keep thinking about you. Your hands, you breath your voice. I just need you." He chuckled.

"(name), I'll be right over."  Eagerly you waited not even remembering that you were naked. When he arrived, you opened the door not hesitating to kiss him. He held you close and kissed back stroking your hair.

"You're so wet mon cher!" he laughed.

"I love you!" you said quickly. "You drive me insane. The way you talk, the way you laugh, the way you smile and kiss me and just--" he interrupted your confusion with a kiss and smiled.

"Mon Cher. Je t'iame."
This is off the song girlfriend by Ashanti [link]
I love this song. I just feel I need more France stories

Fun fact: I am learning french at the moment...and I love speaking french in my friends ear. Just nonsense works.

Me: *leans up and mumbles some french* Je'taime
Him: God youre such a weirdo XD
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