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November 12, 2012
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You heard knocking at the door. You shook and shivered violently. You couldn't take it. Whimpering as hot tears fell down your face, you stayed silent hoping he would give up and go home.

"___, I know you're in there." He said calmly but loud enough for you to hear. Eyes wide, you whimpered more holding yourself in the corner. You couldn't face him, you didn't want to. Ever since you found out what he was.

You walked over to Nikolai's house waiting to snuggle with him and for him to keep all your fears away as he usually does. But as you came to his door that night, you heard a crash. Worried, you quickly found the key he gave you and opened the door calling his name. There was a crash, a groan, and heavy breathing. You grabbed then iron from the fireplace and ran in the direction only to see the man you loved standing over a bloody carcass. But something was different about him. He turned to look at you and you noticed his eyes were bright red and his mouth and hands were covered in the poor things blood. His shirt was off as well as if it had been shredded off on his back was bat like wings. And his teeth, they were sharpened to a point almost like a vampire's. And his hands, they were almost like long gory claws. In one hand he held a heart, still beating as the comatose thing under him looked in unending horror. You stepped away from the scary thing. His face softened into sorrow.
"No, don't come any closer!" you screamed. He stood still his wings wilting sadly. There was a soft dribbling coming from his arm onto the tile floor. The smell of iron filled the room. It was horrifying. You felt your stomach flip as you spewed violently kneeling down. Afterword's, you fainted to have your bloody monster catch you.

You screamed as you saw him walk in slowly looking at you. His eyes were not filled with anger, but with sadness.

"Now you know." He said softly keeping his distance from you. Hot tears poured from your eyes. That's all he could say?!

"How did you get in here? Some devil's magic?"

"No, I have your key." He blushed lightly. You stayed silent. "___..." he knelt down and reached out for your face slowly. You turned your head more tears squeezing out. He hesitated before wiping a tear away. "…please…don't be afraid of me." You felt his hands trail down your neck slowly to your hips. Your heart beat faster as he leaned in softly kissing your cheek. "Let's talk…okay?" He pulled you up and sat you on the couch.

"Why me?" you asked. "Why couldn't I love someone normal?" you whimpered holding your head. He watched you whisper amongst yourself. After a few minutes, tears stopped falling and you stayed silent.

"You done?" he asked. You glared at the man, your eyes still puffy and red.

"Yes, I am done! With you!" you yelled standing up getting ready to find something hard enough to hit him with. He grabbed you and pulled you back to him slamming you on the couch straddling you. You struggled against his grip cursing in Belarusian. Finally his anger came through.

"SHUT UP." He growled. You whimpered quietly eyes widened. "Listen to me, you are mine. I love you. I chose you. I risked my life for you. That thing you saw me kill was coming after you, ____. Demons aren't allowed to love humans. So that bastard decided to kill you." There was a long pause as his face softened again. He lifted you up to hold you in his arms. "I just didn't expect you to see me like that." He said. You placed your hand on his chest and felt his heart beating rapidly. "Are you still afraid?" Somehow, you felt so safe in his arms. You couldn't explain it. All the anger and fear washed away as you felt his nose graze the nape of your neck ever so softly. You relaxed as his hands ran across your body. Although you saw the dark side of him, he was still your Nikolai. He kissed your neck softly making you shiver. "Are you alright?" he asked. You nodded turning towards him and holding his face.

"Yeah, I'm just fine." He smiled softly leaning in and kissing you.


"Yours." You leaned in again taking in his lips, how you longed to kiss them. You gasped at the feeling of his tongue entering your mouth. He held you close and smiled into the kiss. You had never felt safer in a demon's arms and you doubted you ever would if it wasn't your demon.
I'm sorry if i didnt do it right. I just wanted to try it :iconotlplz:
Fun fact: I am one HELL of a writer (See what i did there....)
No really. I'm kinda corny. :giggle:

Next part: [link]
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what is this "didn't do it right" you speak of? can you eat it?
really, this is completely awesome!!! *leans in and whispers* awesomer than Prussia
Awww you~Heart Love  thank youBunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
*gives two thumbs up and big smile* no problem!!! it's true!!
Hehehe I see what ya did there *claps* that's smart and funny xD
:bow:2 rvmp  Thank you thank you! 
You're like so totally welcome~~
Dark---Chocolate Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And I'm one HELL of a fangirl
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