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November 30, 2012
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"Do you take, (first and last name) as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you take Sveridge Oxenstierna as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." You sniffled happily trying not to let the make up run. Finland wiped a tear. He was so happy for you two.

"I know pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss--" you were pulled in and kissed by your now Swedish husband. "Okay…" Everyone chuckled. You held his face softly moving your lips with his.

"I love you." You both said together.


After your dance, everyone chattered and ate happily. You got many blessings from friends and family. At first they were afraid of the stoic man, but they could see that hewas very gentile and he loved you more than anything. Everything was perfect.

"I WOULD LIKE TO PORPOISE A TOAD!" Until Denmark was drunk.

"Oh dear god…" you sighed. Denmark stood up on the table clacking his fork on his beer bottle.

"I remember when…._____ here was just dating this big lug! They were so sweet to each other. He was very patient and very gentle. He brought flowers to her everyday...all that sweet shit..." Everyone awed.  "And because of that, he never got some from her!" You and Sweden blushed at this outburst. "That's right! Cute little ___ didn't give Sweden anything!" Sweden stood from his chair ready to choke the Dane. "So here's to your marriage! And here's to legally getting some from your more or less virgin wife!!!!" he laughed chugging his beer. Everyone chuckled lifting their glasses awkwardly and took a sip. You shook your head softly. The faint sound of the Dane then choking made you smile softly. And that is why Norway is my best friend. You thought. You drank some of your wine rubbing your head.

"____..." you looked at your husband. "Don't dr'nk too m'ch. You'll reg't it like l'st t'me. " You shook your head. Trying to block out the memory of Sweden telling you everything you did the night you were engaged.

"Don't worry Ber, I'll be fine! It's just one cup of wine." He grunted but said nothing else.


"One moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore cup of wine!" you whined to your husband. He lifted the half empty bottle over his head.

"You n'ver le'rn do you?" he asked. You whined climbing on him.

"But it's soooooooo good!!!!" you hiccuped. He sighed. Finland chuckled nervously seeing that you were flushed again. France laughed at this obviously enjoying the show. You ranted on and on about the wine irritated that Sweden refused to give you the wine.

"You're dr'nk"

"No you're drunk!" you yelled pointing to Denmark instead of Sweden.

"I AM!" he laughed. Sweden pinched the bridge of his nose. You glared at the Dane and ran up to him pulling him by the mic.

"YOU... I WANNA TALK…TO YOU!" you yelled into the microphone getting everyone's attention. "I didn't appreshamate that little comment of yours! Sweden and I did do it! The night we got engaged!SO THERE! AND HE WAS FUCKING AMAZING!" France laughed. Your parents were shocked at your outburst, blushing hearing the candid things their daughter did with this man. Your mother hid her face in your father's arm and shook her head. Your father pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation.

"'Ow good was 'e mon cher!" he called out. He was then smacked by the British man beside him.

"He just lifted me up and slammed me on the bed and we did it all night! You wanna know what?! He was really big too and his large fingers and tongue play--" Sweden sprinted up to where you were and took you away from the mic.

"I t'ld you." You squealed in his arms and held onto him.

"Sve~ you can't do what you did to me last time here! There are people here!" you giggled.

"Don't mind us!" France yelled while you were helplessly giggling. England dragged him outside to have a "little chat" with him.  

"This is g'nna be a long night…" he mumbled.


You woke up with another hangover in Sweden's arms. no. you thought. not again. checking under the covers you noticed both of you were naked and you noticed hickeys all over his body. Looking into the room you saw clothes scattered everywhere.
"Aw fuck..."
Well i made a sequel to Drunk nights XD You can thank :iconkittykatluvur777: for that! I hope you like it

The beginning: [link]

Fun fact: I almost drank wine when i was nine. I thought it was grape juice :icondotdotdotzplz:
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France (Scared) [V2] France (Crying) [V3] APH England: Scared 
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