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Oh my god. You don't know how long i have waited my dear for something like this! I love love love that pairing. (Jeanne and Francis) I...

Well, first off... I just wanted to say how much I loved this pairing. You did so well on the characters too! Thank you. Nowaki was so ...


Katara snarled at the sight of Zuko and Azula walking past them once more in the morning, irritated that the students had parted once more for them. The queen like aura that radiated off of her intimidating all those around her. One girl coughed as she walked by earning a disgusted and fiery glare from her golden eyes making the meek girl stare at the floor in shame. Zuko gave that same girl a small sympathetic look as he sighed. Satisfied from her immediate submission, Azula moved on into the school.

“I don’t understand why she thinks she can get away with this.” She growled. Sokka placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Sis…just relax.”

“No! She just walks in and strikes fear into the students hearts and she just walks around like she’s ruled this place her whole life.” Suki sighed.

“I can understand your frustration, Katara, but don’t let it get to you.”

“But they come from the family that--”

“Katara.” Stopping, Sokka held his sisters hand gently and gave her a sad smile. “Don’t let her get to you. Don’t let her be the reason you can’t enjoy this year. Suki smiled.

“Yeah, if you wanna blow off some steam why don’t you join the martial arts club here?” She offered.

“Your martial arts club?” She nodded.

“Yeah, I founded it and all, but I can’t be there all that often because of all the tournaments and things I need to do when so I can go to Kyoshi University, but I know the people there are nice  and really supportive. The girl who runs it now was my partner and rival for years, she’s great.” Katara nodded thinking about it.

“Maybe…I’ll think about it.” Suki smiled and squeezed her arm lovingly.

“You think about it. You might like it.” Sokka chuckled.

“She should do it; she’s nothing but an ornery old lady at home anyway.” With that, Katara punched her brother in the stomach making him suck in his breath as Suki laughed.

“That’s a nice punch.” Aang walked over to the three of them tilting his head.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?”  Katara smiled at him making his heart flutter. She was wearing the sweater he gave her. He remembered how long it took him to find the color he loved the most on her; Pastel blue. He loved how it looked on her chocolate skin and how it highlighted her eyes. He was glad she loved it too he chuckled to himself remembering the joy on her face when he gave it to her.


“Happy Birthday Katara.” She smiled and kissed his cheek before opening the present a little excitedly much like a small child. Aang smiled his cheek red as he rubbed it gently. Sokka laughed a little watching his sister open her present.

“Oh wow! This is so cute!” She gasped pulling it out. It was braid detailed long pastel blue sweater with a long train in the back. “I love it. Thank you, Aang.”


“Oh, hey Aang.” He smiled and tugged on the sleeve shyly.

“You’re wearing the sweater I bought you.” She blushed a little with a small smile.

“Oh, yeah. I love this sweater.” His heart soared as she laid a hand on his shoulder sweetly.

“I’m happy you love it so much.” She smiled gently tilting her head a little. Sokka chuckled and wrapped his hand around Suki’s waist.

“Come on you two lovebirds.” Katara’s smile turned corrupted into a face of annoyance as she scowled at her bother. “We don’t want to be late.”

“Sokka.” Hiding his sadness at how quickly she dismissed her brother, Aang grabbed his crush’s wrist gently.

“He’s right. Um…I still don’t really know my way around. Everything is so different here.” Katara nodded.

“Yeah, it must be a big change from being homeschooled for so long.” Aang nodded. “How’s Monk Gyasto doing anyway?” She asked while they trailed behind Sokka and Suki.

“He was sick for a while, but looks like he’s gotten better.”

“That’s good. He’s really old so he should watch his health a little more closely.”

“Of course Dr. Katara.” He chuckled. Katara nudged him a little making him laugh. “But I know what you mean, I’ll tell him to be more careful.” She nodded.

“That’s all I ask.”


Katara glared at the boy across the room, wondering what could’ve possibly have been the reason, she and the son of the infamous mob boss’ son had the same elective class, that happened to be one of her favorites; creative writing. With a sigh, she looked up at the board seeing what her newest project was. The theme was pain. As she read it a twinge of hurt came to her as she immediately placed her hand on the pendant of her necklace, her mother’s kind face quickly in her mind. Zuko stared at the board before his hand slowly reached out to touch his face, the sounds of his screams ringing in his head once more as he shuddered. Burning from the embarrassment and shame from feeling all the eyes on him, he looked down, letting his long brown hair cover his face, his demeanor resembling a weeping willow, as if he were physically representing his own pain at this moment. The teacher smiled watching his students as they thought back to some type of pain they’ve had.

“Well it seems like most if not all of you have thought of something that has brought you pain.” The man smiled, his mustache lifting with the curvature of his lips. He was a pale, but lively man, his steel grey eyes bright and full of life and vigor within him. “This can be anything, from a short story to a haiku, the theme here is pain. This is only the beginning to the second part of your project. This segment of the project will be due in two weeks. In that time, I will be pairing you off so you two can work on a fictional story together following the theme of pain. I am eager to see what you all will write both individually and partnered up.”   


Zuko whimpered softly crying to himself, his long brown hair dangling from his sides as he finally let his tears drop on the floor. He was alone; he was able to show weakness, just for the moment. A perplexing mixture of shame and tranquility washed over him as he sobbed to himself holding his knees. However, that feeling was short-lived when he heard the door open. His heart stopped as he looked towards the door, huge golden eyes, stained with tears as he shook with fear. The silhouette of the intruder forced him to quickly wipe away his tears as he attempted to straighten up his face. Instead of what he feared, he instead saw a kind worried woman her long hair lying gently on her shoulder.

“Zuko?” Instantly, he relaxed as he held his knees once more laying his head on them. He felt a dip beside him on the bed and a sweet smelling aroma filled the air around them as she pulled him close.

“Mom?” She looked down at him, “Why does he hate me?” She cooed and rubbed his shoulder pulling him in her arms.

“Zuko, your father doesn’t hate you. I promise. And I know how much you hate how hard he is on you.” Zuko nodded another tear falling down his cheek. She wiped it gently with her sleeve. “I don’t like it either.” She kissed his head gently and stroked his cheek. “But you do know, you can always come to me, Zuko.” He smiled softly and leaned into her chest the soothing sounds of her heartbeat calming him taking her scent his tears finally ceasing.

“I know, Mom.” He grinned snuggling into her. “You’ll always be there for me.”



Zuko woke with a small scoff to himself as he looked at the last picture he had of his mother on his nightstand. His fingers ran through his hair as he got up. Sitting on the edge of his bed, Zuko picked up the picture and looked down at it.

“Where the hell are you?” He asked himself as he recalled the day she went missing. The smirk on Azula’s face, the stoic, unfeeling way he drank his tea that morning as Zuko rushed into the dining room, frantically, panting asking for his mother’s whereabouts.  Placing his picture down, he sighed and once again got ready for school. He went back into the room and smiled softly at the picture of his mother.

“I think I know what to write about.”


Katara typed away at her laptop as Sokka rushed down the hall to get the ringing phone downstairs. After a couple minutes, Sokka came back upstairs and knocked on her door.

“It’s Gran-Gran.”  He smiled softly. She looked at him curiously. “Apparently she’s coming to live with us.” Katara smiled a little and nodded.
“I’ll set up the spare room after I finish this assignment.” With a small nod, Sokka closed the door behind him and left.  He smiled and texted Suki with a small smile about his grandmother’s oncoming arrival. The doorbell rang an anxious Aang behind it, once again in new clothes, trying to show off his potential maturity. Brown skinny jeans, a white tee, and white tennis shoes donned with his classic arrow beanie. Sokka opened the door and looked the younger boy up and down a little, his eyebrow raised.

“Hey, Sokka.”  He greeted.

“Hey, Aang. Come on in.” Moving aside to let the boy in, Aang walked inside and looked around for his crush. “She’s upstairs.” He answered for him with a chuckle as he closed the door. Aang gave him a small thankful smile before heading upstairs. His hands wrung as he walked up the steps to her room as if he was never let inside before, and yet…something about this was different. His heart pounded as he walked to the door, finding the courage to knock. Before his hand could make contact with the door, Katara swung it open.

“Oh! Hey, Aang.” She smiled softly. His stomach flipped a little as he returned her sweet smile.

“Hey…” She giggled softly and walked downstairs as he followed.

“What brings you here?” Play it cool. He coached himself as he followed her into the kitchen leaning nonchalantly on the archway.

“Oh, you know…” He droned a little. “Felt like hanging.” He leered over at her trying to hide the disappointment that she wasn’t meeting his gaze. Instead, she was busy making tea.

“Oh, that’s cool.” She replied getting some cups. With a smile, she turned her head to him. “Want some tea?”  


Zuko sighed looking into the kitchen cabinet and seeing an abundance of tea in one area.

“Uncle’s coming I see.” He said to no one in particular. Closing the cabinet, he sighed shaking his head before grabbing snacks from the kitchen and heading back into his room once more. As he walked, he noticed the sky’s explosion of colors as the sun slowly began to sink. Absent mindedly, he walked into the garden, the sounds of a younger, more naïve him laughing mixed with his mother’s gentle chuckle as he recalled her following him into the garden.


“Mother look! The turtle ducks are back!” He exclaimed excitedly as they swam about happily in the clear tranquil pond. She smiled and watched him reach out for a duckling trying not to chuckle as it quacked in fear before fleeing the young prince.

“No…come back…” He sadly sighed. She placed her hand on his shoulder and kissed his head. “How come they always run away from me?” She chuckled and sat down with him at the pond.

“It’s because you were too hasty, Zuko.” She explained. “Just sit still.” She pulled out some bread she had grabbed while her son had pulled her along, wanting to see the small animals again and crumpled a piece of it before making a small pile of crumbs by the edge of the pond. After a few moments, a couple ducklings cautiously made their way to the crumbs and began eating. While Zuko watched him curiously, Ursa had added another small pile in Zuko’s hand and slowly outstretched his arm towards the little hungry ducks. One brave little duckling slowly moved to Zuko’s hand and began to eat as he gasped softly, his eyes so wide and bright as he looked at his mother who just grinned.


Zuko sighed, his hand on the tree just a few feet before the pond, looking at where he and his mother once sat, laughed and fed the turtle ducks. A spot where he once laughed now burned his throat and eyes with sorrow. Just like the willow tree that had watched over the generations that lived in this house, he too bent, gripping the bark as his head hung low a couple tears getting lost in the grass beneath his feet. Under the weeping willow, so many memories he carried of her were unsheathed as he too wept silently, under the cover of the massive branches and leaves. A strong hand gripped his shoulder as Zuko’s head snapped towards the owner of the hand, his shock now sated with relief upon seeing his uncle’s concerned face.

“Nephew? Is everything alright?” After a moment, Zuko wiped his eyes and nodded. Without a word, Iroh moved and sat next to the pond and chuckled softly patting beside him. With a small scoff and smile, Zuko sat by him as they watched the ripples, listened to the gentle babbling of the pond as the wind rustled up the bushes gently. “You know…this house has been through renovation after renovation. But this…” he opened his arms a little with a small grin “this place has never changed.” Zuko leaned back noticing that the sky that once was parading with oranges, pinks and reds had disappeared and cautious stars were now beginning to appear in the new night sky.  “Just think of how many people had sat in this spot in the past. And who could possibly sit where we are in the future. Where the willow tree still provides shade and the pond still babbles in the same way it always has.” Iroh’s arm wrapped around his nephew as he rubbed his shoulder, the coolness of the night air  dancing all around them as the pool reflected the stars twinkling in the sky.

“Yeah.” Zuko agreed. “It’s pretty cool.”


A pile of papers filled the desk as the students turned in their writing assignments talking with one another about the things they wrote about. Zuko stared into his desk, concentrating on the pattern of the wood, his head down once more.

“Hey…um…Zuko.” One girl asked tapping his shoulder gently. He turned his head a little, his golden eyes glaring to her through his dark brown locks. The classroom got completely silent as they watched him as if he were a dangerous predator. All eyes were on him, fear eminent in the room. Katara was the only one who wasn't fazed by his intimidating glare. “W-What did you write about?”  Zuko looked down back at the desk, letting out a wry and cold lifeless chuckle, a stale feeling in the air as he stayed quiet for a couple minutes.


Beauty in the Beast (Zutara) Chapter Two
I finally made another one! Huzzah! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Anyway, I hope you're liking the story so far. I already know how this story is gonna go so I'm so excited to see your reactions as the story progresses. But I'm really tired. Stress Aaarrrg Hopefully, you'll get another chapter soon! Maybe.onion head 'sleep' 

First Chapter
Next: Hell if I know. Studing is Boring..Onion  School is a bitch. Bad Augury..Onion 

A/N: These chapters are going to be pretty long and since I am also a college student, these chapters are going to take some time to come into fruition. So please be patient with me.


   “Mommy? Where are you going?” the small child asked his eyes wide, his voice groggy as he rubbed his eyes. The woman gave off a melancholy smile as she stroked his long hair gently.

“I’m going to be gone for a while, sweetheart.”

“When will you be coming back?” He whimpered clinging to his mother, instantly calming as he leaned his head on her chest, the gentle sound of her heartbeat slowly lulling him back to sleep. She chuckled and kissed his head lovingly as she tucked her son back in. Caressing his cheek lovingly, she kissed his nose.

“I love you. I love you so much, Zuko.”


With a gasp, Zuko shot up from bed, the light of the sun blaring onto his face making him groan, a moppy bedhead covering his eyes as he sighed. He pushed his dark brown hair back his hands grazing over his scar, his heart sinking once again. Why did I think it would be any different? He flopped back into his bed letting his hair splay out on his crimson sheets as he took in a deep breath. I’m going to hate this. He thought. He lugged himself out of bed tossing his sheets messily on his bed looking at his outfit he chose for the first day of his new school. Quickly changing and fixing his hair, Zuko made his way out to the kitchen his meal freshly made and steaming for him. Bored, he ate his breakfast in silence. After thanking his chef and handing him the dishes, the exhausted son walked to his father’s meeting room where he stayed in each morning. The door opened letting light beam in the darkened room as he shut it behind him. Instantly, he took a knee and lowered his head for the man ahead of him.

“Good morning, father.” A disgruntled noise came from the man.

“It is your first day of school today isn’t it?”

“Y-Yes, father.” Zuko answered.

“And it is Azula’s first day of high school as well. As the heir to our organization, you are to make sure she adjusts to the school well and make sure that you all show the student body and staff the true power of the Phoenix.” Zuko looked up at his father into his piercing judgmental gold eyes recalling the way they looked when he scarred him. “Do not fail me.” He warned in a pitiless tone making a small chill race down his son’s spine.

“Of course not, sir. I won’t let you down.”

“I would hope not, Zuko. You know I don’t like to be disappointed.”

“Yes, sir.” With that, the cold father dismissed Zuko. Quickly leaving, the boy nearly ran into his sister, Azula, whose eyes resembled her father’s though sparking with a fire of cruelty a bit different than their father’s but still horribly similar. Her lips curved into a pompous smirk as she passed her older brother walking in the door.

“Ah, Azula. Good morning, my heir.” Zuko kept walking leaning his head back a little, now numb to the blatant favoritism his father showed. Every morning, everything is the same. He sighed as he continued to get ready for school. Quietly, he waited out at the front of the estate, a beautifully built prison filled with memories and past experiences of pain. The chimney released a cloud of black smoke into the azure sky, making the lone boy flinch recalling the time he was burned. The smell of burnt skin, the sounds of his screams ringing in his head, getting louder and louder as he covered his ears sinking down the brick fence his eyes squint shut as he shook his head desperate to get the image out of his head. His hand covered his scar again, a permanent mark on his body and in his mind. Two snaps brought Zuko back to the present seeing his sister with a small smirk on her lips.

“Come now, Zu-zu. Father said you have to escort me and make sure I’m comfortable in this…so called academy.” With a small sigh, she rolled her eyes and placed on her sunglasses keeping the blaring rays out of her eyes. “I hate days like this.” She grumbled. Straightening her book bag she walked out of the estate and looked around. “So are Mai and Ty-Lee going to meet us there?” She asked. Zuko shrugged softly.

“Most likely, if they aren’t here yet.” She nodded in agreement before looking back at her brother expectantly.

“Well…lead the way, Zu-Zu. You’ve been to that blasted place before.” Reluctantly, he moved beyond the wall and led his younger sister to the school. The tranquil sounds of birds chirping and the gentle breeze rustling the trees tickling the back of people’s necks teasing them gently with slight chills warning them of oncoming cooler days. Zuko looked up at the passing trees the sun beams illuminating his eyes into a small gleam of gold mimicking the sun.


Katara smiled and hummed to herself brushing her long flowing rich brown locks. Her bright azure eyes watching herself in the mirror, dancing likes pools of the ocean glowing off her soft darkened skin. She glanced down a family portrait, the only one she had with her mother, soft kind smile accenting her lovely features that her father seemed so enamored with in the picture. It was a beautiful moment frozen in time between them. Her father, Hakoda, stared into his lovely wife Kya’s eyes, love and devotion in his smile, in his gaze. She had a small blush to her cheeks as she shyly turned away from him, her eyes still focused on him, playing with him, teasing him. The two small children at the bottom were laughing and playing together in their seats, unaware of their parents, their grins from ear to ear, their eyes wide and full of innocence. Katara chuckled sadly as she grabbed her mother’s necklace from her vanity table, one of the only things left of Kya in this world. She felt the harsh coolness of the pendant landing on her warm body as she shivered, never being able to get used to the sudden change in temperature on her neck. Quickly dressing herself, Katara made her way downstairs to her older brother, Sokka, tiredly staring at his cup of coffee that steamed in his face.

“You gonna be alright?” Katara laughed slightly, looking at his obvious tired face. Sokka made a face at his sister, only to have her retaliate.

“I will be as soon as I have breakfast.” Katara rolled her eyes.

“You know, you should really know how to cook for yourself. After all, what’s going to happen to you when you and Suki get married and she has to go away to save the world?” She questioned as she quickly gathered ingredients for breakfast for the both of them. “I highly doubt she would want to come home to a pitiful starved Sokka.” Sokka gave a dismissing grunt and waved her off.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Katara stopped and turned to him with her hands on her hips.

“And by that you mean you expect me to feed you until I get back.” The older brother gave a small smile and sipped his coffee. With a scoff, she got back to cooking. “Still don’t know what she sees in you.”

“A hunk.” Katara snorted and snickered.

“Oh, yeah. Surely that has to be it.” Sokka rolled his eyes and sipped his coffee again.

“Shut up.” She laughed again and began to cook. After making two omelets, the two siblings began to eat. No linger minding the lone and lifeless feeling in the house anymore. Hakoda was always gone, investigating and looking for something, anything on his wife’s killer. The two of them decided not to get in the way of his work anymore. As much as the two wanted answers themselves, they didn’t need as much closure as their father did. Talking about this lead to awkward mealtimes, so it was a silent thought between the both of them as they avoided the topic altogether. Katara looked at the time her eyes wide.

“We need to hurry; we still need to pick up Aang for his first day.” Sokka nodded quickening his pace as Katara finished and started cleaning the kitchen before going upstairs to finish readying herself. Sokka let out a small chuckle shaking his head at the thought of the younger boy who was going to begin his first days in Ba Sing Sae Academy. Knowing about the pining that he had for his sister for years, Sokka chuckled recalling Aang’s newfound confidence and determination to getting Katara. Good luck buddy. He laughed to himself as he went upstairs. You’re gonna have a hard time after Jet. The two siblings quickly made their way to the door as they walked down towards the school to meet up with a young man along the way. Aang had already made his way to the meeting point they had previously discussed, his eyes gazing up at the sky, admiring the carefree floating of the clouds above him. He smiled leaning on the wall, in new clothes hoping he looked a little more mature and more pleasing to his crush. His heart fluttered at the thought of her, admiring her kind smile, her long fluffy hair that rivaled the clouds in the sky, her beautiful eyes as blue as the sunniest of days. A small blush rose on his cheeks as his daydreams ran a little rampant, the thought of his hands in her hair, mindlessly and lazily running through them as she lay on his lap, the sweet scent of her as they would cuddle watching TV, yet not really paying attention. The way she would dress for their dates. As the thoughts continued, he began to melt against the wall, as he added more details from accessories she would wear for their dates; to the different perfumes she would wear for him even different hairstyles that he thought would look good on her. Lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t realize the girl of his dreams had arrived along with her brother.

“Hey, Aang!” She greeted with a small smile snapping him out of his fantasies. A shade of scarlet rose on his face as he beamed at her.

“Hey, Katara.” Sokka held back his snickers shaking his head a little making Aang give him a side glare.

“You ready for your first day?” She asked excitedly. He nodded her smile and excited demeanor contagious. The three of them resumed their journey to the Academy, the sounds of others getting louder and more prominent as people asked others about the classes they were taking, talking about what they’ve done over summer vacation and new school year resolution goals they planned to keep. A chorus of chopped conversations danced around the three as they tried to get through and into the main building. Sokka, a little distracted as he scanned the crowd for his beloved. Little did he know, he was spotted first. While Sokka searched, Suki had snaked her way through the crowd and targeted her boyfriend, a mischievous smile on her face as she lunged at him tackling him to the ground with a giggle.

“Hey! Watch it!” Sokka exclaimed. Suki smirked and pinned him on his back and sat on his waist with a loving and playful smile.

“Sorry, I just got distracted by my boyfriend’s cute butt.” Quickly sitting up he wrapped his arms around her his grip tightening around her and his hands in her chestnut hair embracing her with months of longing. Suki’s plush lips curved into a smile as she nuzzled the crook in his neck not realizing how much she missed his scent.

“I missed you.” She contently sighed after a minute.

“I missed you more.” He chuckled finally letting her go. She helped him up as he held her pale cheek smiling as she leaned her head into his larger hand her own hand over his, as she closed her eyes feeling every callous and the very roughness of his hand that she loved so much. Katara who had taken a minute to realize that Sokka had fallen behind due to his girlfriend, smiled watching her brother and his girlfriend with a loving smile. It has been a while hasn’t it? She thought.

“Come on, Aang, Sokka found Suki.” Not wanting to lose him as well, she grabbed his hand and lead him to the two lovebirds. Aang’s heart soared feeling her hand grab his, his fingers itching to intertwine with hers. She rushed to Suki with a grin as she abandoned Aang’s hand to hug Suki. Though a little disappointed, Aang hid it in his smile as the two girls talked catching up. Sokka saw the truth behind his smile and shrugged at him with a small smile. Aang sighed letting out his true feelings on his face, while Katara’s back was turned as she was engaged with Suki, talking about her adventures during summer break. Sokka pat his back.

“I told you it wouldn’t be easy, Aang.” Aang sighed once more.

“I know, but I never thought it would be this hard. What can I do for her to notice--” The crowd went eerily silent as they parted seeing two people walk through the parting. A woman and a man. The woman held her head up with pride as she walked through without missing a beat, her long dark brown hair swaying side to side, sunglasses against the blaring sun. Her pale skin gleaming against the light, a queen like demeanor oozed off her as he passed by the other students. The man however, contrasted her greatly, his hair shaggy and covering part of his eye, yet unable to hide the scorching and disfiguring red permanently stained on his pale skin. Wanting to get away from the crowd as fast as he could, irritated with feeling of eyes on his obvious scar, Zuko sped up ushering his sister to leave the crowd. Azula, highly amused with the students parting for them, stopped Zuko’s efforts.

“How long do you think it would take for everyone to bow to me when I walk to school every morning?” She asked him. Zuko mentally groaned at the question and shook his head.

“Azula, don’t push it.” She looked over at the students watching them as she scoffed.

“Or what? They seem to know very well who we are. They wouldn’t dare upset someone who was so close to Lord Ozai would they?” Her grin widened. “Yes, I can see this is going to be an interesting four years here.” On the other end of the parted sea of students stood two girls meeting the siblings halfway. “Ah, you were right, Zu-Zu. They were already here.” One girl was in a bright pink, half shirt and jeans with black flats as she smiled and cartwheeled and flipped her way over to them excitedly. Following, was a girl with pale skin, contrasting her jet black hair and dark clothes. Her jeans were as black as her hair and her shirt was a blood red as she trailed behind the chipper girl a small smile at Zuko as she walked to them.

“Ty-Lee, Mai.” Azula greeted.

“Good morning, Azula!” Ty-Lee cheerily chimed as she finally landed on her feet surprising her friend with a hug. Azula pat the girl’s back as she was released. Mai merely nodded at them.

“Morning. Though I can’t seem to find anything good about it.” She grumbled. Zuko chuckled a little at her making Mai smile gently as she looked down not wanting to reveal her upcoming blush to Zuko. Ty-Lee giggled softly and bounced a little.

“Come on, we have to see what classes we’re going to have this year.”

“Yes, come along Zu-Zu, you have to show me how to get to my classes. After all, father said that you had to make sure I will have an enjoyable experience here.” With a small sigh, Zuko trudged along the girls as Mai stayed by Zuko’s side much to his pleasure as he smiled gently at her.

“It’s gonna be a long high school experience.” Mai chuckled softly.

“No kidding. I’m tired already.” The boy smirked and walked with her as the crowed slowly sewed itself back together, slowly coming back to life.

“Who were those people?” Aang asked. Sokka bit his lip a little as Katara watched them with disgust.

“They belong to the people Dad suspects were responsible for killing our mother.” Suki placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “That’s all you need to know about them.” Aang backed away a bit, surprised to see her face darken into a hidden rage as she glared at the back of their heads. Sokka sighed.

“Yeah. Dad found some evidence that may link the Phoenix clan or someone who works for that clan responsible for what happened to Mom.” Sokka added. Suki gave Sokka a pitiful look.

“I don’t know how they can even show their faces here with no remorse.” She lightly growled. Suki pulled the girl back.

“Easy there girl.” Suki warned. “I can’t even imagine how upsetting this would be, but you can’t let them have the satisfaction of seeing you like that.” With a few deep breaths, Katara let out a long sigh calming herself.

“You’re right, Suki.” With a small smile, Suki wrapped her arm around her back and lead her into the school.

“Great, now let’s see what our schedule looks like this year.”

“Yeah.” Sokka smiled sighing in relief from the situation successfully defused. Pushing Aang by his head, Sokka chuckled.

“Come on, Aang. Let’s see what your schedule is like. We can show you around too.” Aang laughed a little walking with his friend catching up with the girls.

“Alright, alright already!” Suki looked back and laughed at the two boys fooling around and trailing behind.

“Come on, boys catch up!”


Zuko sighed as everyone watched the four of them at lunch, whispering and staring at them. Trying his best to ignore them, he continued to eat, subconsciously sinking down, his dark brown hair leaning over his crimson scar, like a weeping willow as he recalled how he got the scar. With a shudder, Zuko placed his hand on his scar gently, the pain mental as he remembered the screams, the shock of his own father burning his skin. The horrific blinding flashes of white, red and orange as he felt his skin peeling and singeing, disfiguring itself into a dark red branding of his shame.

You belong to the Phoenix clan and I’ll make sure you never forget it.

Mai tapped Zuko’s shoulder bringing him out of his own mind.

“Zuko, are you okay?” Coming back to reality, he looked at the others, Ty-Lee’s face written with worry. Looking down at his food again he nodded.

“Y-Yeah. I’m fine.” Mai continued eating watching him out of the corner of her eye. Katara smiled at Aang as they all finally found a table to sit at.

“So how are your classes so far, Aang?” Katara asked.

“They’re a little different than what I’m used to, but I like it. It’s different.” He smiled at her making her smile back at him as she continued to eat.

“That’s great, Aang. I’m glad you’re excited about this. The next four years for you are going to be great!” She grinned. Sokka smiled eating with Suki with a chuckle as she giggled staring at him, just enjoying being in his presence. The couple truly appreciated the time they got to have together knowing time together is usually scarce.

“So what clubs are you doing today?” Sokka questioned after swallowing, no longer following his sister and Aang’s conversation.

“Just the martial arts club and self-defense club here.” She started, “But I’m going to be doing a lot of volunteer work around the city too. Next week, I’m teaching the local cops a few moves to up their hand to hand combat game.” Sokka nodded listening to her chuckling with a small bit of pride for his girlfriend.

“Of course you’re going to be busy this year.” He sighed a little, his lips still curved into a small smile. Sure he was proud of her, but he longed for time with her and just her. Suki gave him an apologetic smile.

“I know you’re feeling like I have to schedule time for you, but I do love you Sokka. But this is for the college of my dreams, you know that.”

“I know. And I want you to get there. But…sometimes….” He stopped and looked down. “Never mind Suki, just go for it.” Understanding, Suki placed her hand on his. “And when you get all the medals for courage and the peace prize for kicking all sorts of ass all over the world, we can do all the couple things we’ve been missing out on now.” With a giggle, Suki nodded kissing his knuckle.

“Deal, babe.” The two of them finished leaving Aang and Katara to themselves as they waved and left the lunchroom. “But for now, let’s just focus on the time we have now.” And with that, the bell rang once again. Sokka laughed a little sadly.

“Just like last year.” Suki heard the pain behind his laughter and squeezed his hand.

“No. I made it my goal this year to spend more time with you.” Pulling her close he placed his hand on her waist with a sigh.

“Don’t worry about it Suki. I told you I’d stand by you though all your decisions, and if you want to do all this to get into your dream college, I’d willingly sacrifice my time with you.” Suki raised an eyebrow with a small smirk.

“I’m glad you said that, because I’m hardly going to see you all week due to the new clubs and I have to prepare for all the presentations for bodyguards and cops. Not to mention I have a competition coming up so I can’t go on our date so I can train.”

“Are you kidding me!? You swore we were going to go to the movies to not watch them!” Sokka whined making his girlfriend chuckle.

“I thought that would break you.” Suki smiled and placed her hand on his cheek. “You don’t worry about getting in my way for college. I know what I’m doing and I won’t burn myself out. I want to spend more time with you. Just as much as you missed me, I missed you, alright?” She kissed his cheek and started to walk to her class. Sokka watched her leave a little worried. “By the way! That movie date’s still on!” With a sadistic smirk, Sokka made his way to the second half of his school day. This just may be a promising school year.

Beauty in the Beast (Zutara) Chapter One
So I finally got around to doing this! You'll see why this is Beauty "IN" the best and not "AND" soon enough. Mio (Laughing) [V2]  No spoliers for you. You just have to be patient and keep on reading.
I hope you'll enjoy this story~ Nibble You -New Shading- :love: 

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“Please Kevin, no more.” Edd cried out. His breathing was ragged, sweat and spit dripped into a puddle of juices on the floor while he hovered above it. His body was scorching as he panted, his hair splayed down his back and sweat soaked strands of hair dripping like stalactites.

“What did you call me, Dork?” He growled pulling up his hair with a sadistic smirk, forcing his blue eyes do stare into the gingers eyes. Kevin could hardly suppress his laughter as he heard a gentle moan come from his Edd and watched the strain for him not to give into the ecstasy and let his eyes roll back from the tightened rope.  His eyes widened as he realized what he was supposed to say.

“I-I’m sorry…Master. Please…have mercy on me.” Kevin snickered sending shivers down his spine as he walked behind the suspended man, his finger trailing down his skin biting his lip in delight in how he twitched and the noises he made. He especially loved how he made goosebumps form on his pale skin so easily as he made his way to his backside and tickled his bound balls gently grinning gleefully in his whines and his incoherent begging as his hardened member pulsed red and dripping with precum that escaped the urethral injection. Kevin came back to Double D’s face nipping his ear gently and licking the shell of it making him quiver and let out a breathless sigh.

“You know I love it when you beg, Eddward.” He purred. Edd throbbed again his toes curling from the blissful pain that jolted up his spine that came from his weeping tip.

“Yes, Master.” He breathed out. Just for a few moments, Kevin watched him, enjoying what he had done to his lover. The shallow breaths he made, his soaked body trapped in a web of rope suspending him in the air, his mind forgetting the over-compulsive need to be tidy as he was bathed in his own sweat and Kevin’s drying cum. The crimson marks that just seemed to glow from his pale skin in shape of Kevin’s hands and a few other additions they had from the bedroom. The smell of sex reeking off of him that seemed to always make the both of them hard immediately.  But the best part was his eyes: They were an amazing contradiction that even he had no idea he could do to him. They were dull and devoid of life, and yet if you looked into them, you could see this incredible spark of life and pleasure as they gleamed azure. Kevin loved to stare into them as he begged or when he was getting sucked off, they were hypnotizing in a way, often getting him lost into those blue eyes of Edd’s. Kevin maliciously smirked grabbing a riding crop and slapped Edd’s aching cock with it once reveling in the sound of his shriek.

“But I know you can beg better than that.” Five more times the crop landed on the base of his cock making him jerk and scream in pleasure as he shivered his tongue out as he panted desperately, as he shuddered with each pulse his dick made. “Beg.”

“M-Master…” He gasped out. “I beg of you…please…”

“Please?” Kevin repeated. “Please what?” With a cruel chuckle, he moved the crop back and forth underneath the tip of his hardened overloaded cock, careful not to budge the injection.

“I need it…I n-n-n-need to cum…I want to c-come for Master~” Kevin couldn’t help but to grow hard from the desperation and submissiveness from his voice.

“Alright, my love. I’ll let you come.” Edd looked up at his Master his eyes brightening up a little.

“T-Thank y--uk” He gagged as his Master slammed his cock down his throat. Edd couldn’t help but to have his eyes roll back as he was used his dick pleasuring his whole body with electrifying bliss shot up and down his body as Kevin fucked his throat. His tongue worked his underside as he smiled the best he could hearing the deep guttural moans from the ginger as he bobbed his head. His eyes back in their original position he looked up at Kevin to see his head thrown back in euphoria as his hips pumped the tufts of red tickling Edd’s nose, the scent of his manhood overcoming him as he slurped and suckled. Kevin pulsed ready to release at any second. Edd moved his cock up and took him completely in his throat as his tongue weakly lapped at his balls knowing that made him explode. With a growl, Kevin coated his lover’s throat in white as he pulled out watching him drink what was in his mouth.

“Good boy.” Kevin smiled and stroked his hair before going to the back of him again and sliding in two fingers making Edd squirm in delight, his hole already opened for him as Kevin chuckled unbinding the suspended man’s balls rubbing them gently as he listened to the moans and squeals that came from his pet.  Kevin pulled out his fingers and grabbed his ass positioning himself watching Edd’s ass twitch in anticipation. Once his tip was in perfect place, Kevin moved his hand down to his tip grabbing the injection ready to pull it out. The ginger slammed his cock in his tight ass making Edd arch his back in bliss as he grit his teeth, tears of euphoria sliding down his cheeks. Kevin took this chance to pull the small rod out his urethra as he groaned from the tightness clasped around his cock. The rod dropping to the ground, Edd screamed as cum erupted from his dick as he shuddered madly his hands balled into a fist as his toes curled. Kevin wasted no time in pounding his ass with no mercy fucking him through his long awaited orgasm listening to his cries and moans his orgasm spent with another one quickly building. Kevin’s cock throbbed watching him convulse and twitch helplessly as he fell limp in the bonds that had him his moaning stopped as he panted but his ass clasping tighter. Kevin couldn’t help but to feel his end coming and coming fast as he picked the pace stroking his lover in tandem watching him shudder as his head hung, drips of sweat falling from his raven black locks as he pulsed in the ginger’s hand. Quickly, the two came again as Kevin was the only one who cried out. Coming down from their highs, Kevin made quick work of releasing Edd from the bonds catching his unmoving body. Edd weakly looked up at Kevin a blank blissed out smile on his face, the gap proudly shown.

“G-Good boy for M-Master…” He wheezed. Kevin shushed him and kissed his head picking him up carefully and holding him close. Edd hummed in mindless pleasure before closing his eyes and leaning on Kevin’s shoulder. “L-Love Master.” Kevin chuckled and kissed his nose.

“Master loves you too, dork.”


Kevin shot up feeling an uncomfortable sticky feeling in his bed as he recalled what he just dreamt moments ago. His member was sticking to his boxers as he groaned.

“God damn it.” He huffed. “Not again.” Looking over to the side, he saw a peacefully sleeping Edd with a small grin in his face. Kevin stroked his cheek gently unable to help but to smile as well. He got up and shuffled awkwardly to the bathroom getting some new boxers and pants. I know he wouldn’t be into it, but I can’t resist thinking about fuckin him mindless like that. “Keep it together man.” He scolded himself. After cleaning himself off and changing, Kevin sighed and went back to bed careful not to wake his sleeping partner. Edd tossed and turned making small whimpers and groans after a couple minutes before Kevin grabbed him and cradled his head. Stopping for a few moments, Kevin sighed and closed his eyes drifting off.

“M-Master~” Kevin’s eyes shot open as he looked down at the sleeping man in his arms with a small grin on his face as he continued to sleep. With a groan, Kevin felt himself harden once more.

“Damn you, Eddward.”  

Master (KevEdd Oneshot)
Yeah I have no idea where this came from. But I hope you enoyed kinky KevEdd XDPsyco Psyco Psyco 

Filthy Filthy Filthy Depressed 
The little butterfly
I really liked this picture. This one is all natural, no filters, nothing~    Trampoline fun 

                The sun smiled down on Peach Creek as the last of the wedding decorations were put in place. White and blue coating a small garden, a gazebo where the two will be wed. Jon smiled and looked over himself in the mirror once more before hearing the door open behind him.

“Dad, you made it!” Charles smiled and walked to him placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” The man laughed a little. “Though this isn’t how I would’ve imagined it at all. I always thought it would be a girl you were gonna get hitched to but…He makes you happy, and that’s what’s important.” Jon turned around and embraced his father, realizing how much he wanted to do this once again, after so many years. The bond between his father and he, slowly repairing. It was damaged and broken, sure. But never did Jon think he would feel the love he didn’t even know he still craved from his father. Charles himself figuring out how much his eldest was missed as tears fell from the both of them. Jon looked at his father and chuckled.

“Hey…real men don’t cry.” Charles laughed softly as did his son recalling his old self. Jon smiled and held his hand gently. “Really though, dad you have no idea what this means to me.” He chuckled. “I know you’re not okay with this, but I appreciate this so much.” Charles smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I want to do this for you, son. I want to see you happy.” Jon smiled.

“Thanks dad.” The two hugged once more as Charles helped his son get ready.

Nazz adjusted David’s tie as he sighed a little.

“Sweetie its fine.” Nazz shook her head.

“No its crooked.”

“Oh my god.”  

Kevin laughed a little as Double D straightened himself up as well. His hair covering the scars he has on his head. Everyone stared intently, never seeing what was under his hat. Kevin smiled wrapping his arm around his boyfriend his finger casually twirling the ends of his long black hair. Sarah who came along with Ed brought along Jimmy, shocking everyone with his transformation.


Sarah smiled holding a large pasty man’s hand as she guided him to the group, her dress a gentle pink as she giggled. The larger man was in a tux that seemed to shape his muscles, as if they were trying to bulge out of them. The group waiting for Sarah and her guest to arrive were surprised by the man, staring at him.

“Guys….you all know Jimmy.” Everyone’s eyes widened.

“No seriously, who the hell is that guy?” Kevin asked. Jimmy chuckled softly.

“I told you they wouldn’t recognize me Sarah~” He beamed.

“You sure did Jimmy!” Edd gazed up and down Jimmy with a small gasp.

“You’ve changed quite drastically throughout the years, haven’t you Jimmy?”

Kevin laughed. “Guess I can’t call you fluffy anymore huh?” Jimmy chuckled nodding.

“Guess you can’t.” Sarah giggled and leaned on Jimmy as he placed his hand around her shoulder with a smile. Nazz giggled holding David’s hand as she smiled.

“So, are you guys together now or what?” The two looked at each other and laughed.

“No way Nazz, Jimmy’s date is meeting us at the wedding. He’s a real cutie~” Jimmy blushed and gave a deep chuckle making everyone jump. Eddy locked eyes with Jimmy as he smirked.

“Looks like you’re still a pipsqueak, Eddy.” Everyone laughed but Eddy.

“Shut up, Curly Q”


Kevin couldn’t resist touching Edd’s long raven locks that was neatly placed into a long ponytail as he watched the nervous lover adjust himself for the umpteenth time. Jon sighed trying to calm himself down as he waited for Adam. Adam sighed and looked into the mirror trying not to have his skin mimic his hair color.

“Jon’s going to be there.” He assured himself.  “He loves you. You love him. You’re getting married today. You’re getting married today.”

“You’re getting married today.” Adam looked back and sighed seeing his mother with a small smile. “He’s waiting for you baby. He’s just as nervous as you are.” Adam rushed to his mother and bit his lip.

“What if he gets cold feet or says he doesn’t? What if we don’t work out later on in life?! How would this affect our friendship?! H-How---” She shushed her child and pet his head gently stroking his fiery locks.

“Sweetie…you and Jon will be fine. You’re best friends. This is the best thing you can do regarding getting married. That man knows you inside and out. And you him. Go out there and marry the man of your dreams sweetie.” Adam took a deep breath and sighed after his mother left as he looked over himself in the mirror one last time before looking out to the crowd awaiting him.

“I’m gonna marry my best friend.” He said to himself. His heart began to flutter wildly, warmth flooding through him. “I‘m going to marry my best friend.” He chuckled to himself as he got ready to walk. “I’m going to marry my best friend…and we’ll have a wonderful life together.” He walked out and smiled seeing Jon’s face, filled with blush as he chuckled slicking his hair back as Adam walked down the aisle. When he made it to the altar, Jon grabbed his hand and smiled.

“I see you were nervous.” Jon teased. Adam blushed and looked down.

“Shut up.” Jon chuckled and kissed his head as the ceremony began, as their new lives, began.


The two newlyweds sat at the table as everyone danced and laughed enjoying themselves. A slow song came on as the dnacers paired off. Edd blushed as Kevin pulled him close a dark glint in his sage eyes.

“K-Kevin~” He chuckled. Kevin smiled and kissed his chin stroking his hair.

“I’m going to enjoy pulling that tonight.” He whispered. Nazz giggled and leaned on David’s chest her eyes closed happily listening to his heartbeat.

“That was a nice wedding.” He started. “Gave me a couple ideas about ours in the future.”

“I don’t care about the wedding. I just want us to be husband and wife. We could elope for all I care, as long as I’m your wife it doesn’t matter.” David smiled and tilted her head up and kissed her.

“I love you~” he cooed as he passed the tables with Nazz dancing with her, revealing a lonely Sarah as she watched her best friend dance with his boyfriend. A larger man, his dark brown hair and gentle gray eyes pulling Jimmy close to his strong and chiseled chest as he cradled Jimmy’s head. Eddy groaned as he was alone as well, watching Nazz dance with the love of her life. Ed chuckled and walked to his younger sister pulling her onto the dance floor.

“Come and dance with your big brother~” Sarah gasped and resisted her eyes wide.

“ED!” She growled. Eddy sighed walking through the dance floor trying not to be seen as he made his way to the food only to be bumped into by Sarah who was released by her oafish brother as he spun her. Sarah looked up at Eddy, still slightly shorter than he is blushing at how close their face are to each other. The two of them looked into each other’s eyes for a brief moment before they both shoved each other away and parted in disgust. Ty laughed watching this shaking his head.

“Those two don’t have a clue.” His heart skipped a beat as Emily leaned on his chest with a small smile as she squeezed his butt gently.

“Funny,” she smirked, “neither do you.”  Ty blushed as he looked down at her sparkling blue eyes as she giggled. Jon laughed a little watching his little brother dance with the girl who pined after him for so long. Adam smiled as he talked to his family and his co-workers thanking them and laughing with them. Jon smiled and watched his husband his hand on his cheek, the cool metal kissing his skin gently. Remembering all the times they shared and the years that went by in their friendship. How it all started from two seven year olds being sick of a bully and helping each other kick his ass to being on the baseball team together to sharing girlfriends and all the crazy moments in-between. Birthdays, Christmases, parties, everything they did they did together, they grew together. Jon smiled brightly chuckling to himself knowing more memories were going to made after this. This was a good choice; he thought happily, I don’t think I could have it any better than this.  Suddenly the music stopped, and everyone turned their attention to Charles carrying the microphone, a small blush on his face and beads of sweat crawling down his face.

“Dad?” Ty blinked as he and the other dancers departed.

He gave a small smile to Ty and then to Jon and looked over at the crowd. “I’d like to thank you all for coming to my son’s wedding. My name is Charles and I want to say a few words about my son…” He looked over at Adam fondly and chuckled. “…and my new son-in-law here.” Adam looked at Jon his eyes wide a little. Jon placed a hand on his husband’s hand and squeezed. “I’ll be honest. I’m not one for all this gay love thing. In fact, I can’t even wrap my head around it sometimes.” He chuckled to himself. “But I know this man makes my son happy…a lot happier than I’ve made him.” There was a stale pause in the room as everyone watched him. “I made…some horrible decisions in my life and ultimately, that hurt both my children and my ex-wife. I made my youngest here forget about his own brother and I indoctrinated my own unadulterated hatred into him and he became me eventually. He hurt two boys because of me. Spewing distasteful words that I’ve beat into his head. I placed my fear in him.” He looked at Jon with a sad smile. “I distanced myself from my son, and instead of trying to understand him or talk to him. I shunned him. Kicked him out of the house and oddly into the arms of his husband.” He chuckled wryly. “His husband, Adam, has always been behind my boy ever since they met. They were the greatest of friends, and he’s become the greatest partner and lover a father could ask for his kid. This man stayed with my son while he was grieving over me whilst I was practically in a coma. I listened to all my son’s stories and I overheard Adam comforting him, holding my crying son each day, as he begged me to wake up. I couldn’t see it, but I knew…that man was so much better than me.” Adam smiled softly and leaned on Jon. “I don’t know much about gay love, but I do know those two are going to be together forever. And I’m  so proud to have all three of my sons back in my life. The way they look at each other reminds me of how I used to look at Pauline when we were together. With devotion and ultimate love for each other. So…I know this is a little too late and redundant, but Jon, Adam, you have my blessing. And I wish you boys a long happy life together.” Adam ran to Charles and gave him a hug with a small smile.

“Thanks pop.” Charles smiled and hugged back as everyone clapped happily and drank. The music resumed and everyone gravitated to the dance floor once again. Charles sat back down and watched his sons enjoy themselves. Ty blushed as Emily pulled him closer as they danced. His father shook his head pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Jesus Christ, son. Man up. Stop being so damn stiff.” He groaned to himself, not knowing Pauline sat next to him.

“I know, our son’s never been that great with girls. Despite all the confidence he has at first.” Charles jumped a little and smiled hearing his love’s voice again. “I don’t know where he gets it from…probably his father.” He blushed recalling how he struggled to ask Pauline out when they first got together. She laughed a little. “You’ve changed a lot since then. A lot for the worse I’ll admit.”

“Yeah…I did a lot of horrible things to all of you. Said a lot of things I shouldn’t have.” She slowly leaned on his shoulder and sighed.

“At least you’re starting to make up for it now.” His heart skipped a beat as he felt her head on his shoulder again, realizing how long he’s been aching for her to be near him like this again.

“Y-Yeah. But….I haven’t started trying to make things better with you.” His hand wrapped around her waist shyly as he pulled her close. She chuckled and scooted closer to him snickering at the way he blushed and looked away trying to remain calm as his heart raced. She lay her head on his chest and sighed.

“This is a good start, Charles.” She held his hand gently as he kissed her head gently.  

A KevEdd Story (Chap. 30)
HOORAY! ITS DONE~onion dance onion dance  Thanks to all who've read this and I hope you enjoyed my story~ Soooo Cute..Onion To all my Zutara lovers...I have a story in the making called Beauty and the Beast. It's going to take some time, but watch out for it~ .:ZukoOnCactusJuice:. .:Sokka on Cactus Juice:. :zutara: 

First: A KevEdd Story (Chap. 1)
Previous: A KevEdd Story (Chap. 29)
Next: There is no next. Its done fools ~ ^^ 


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Well hello there~ *blows kiss* I’m Mari~ You may call me that if you wish, or Cocoa is fine too. No need to add the miss. Too formal. I can’t draw, but I’ll try and make vivid pictures in your mind
with my words. I love to write. I also love singing and can do a little bit of voice acting. (Still a beginner) I love notes and messages so don’t be afraid to chat it up every once and a while~ ^^ I also am considering modeling too so don’t be surprised to see a ton of pictures of me~ (I’m quite a ham~ XD)

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Most compatible with: Flaming Uke, Badass Uke

Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke

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55% Bondage Receiver
41% Degradation Receiver
33% Sadist
32% All-Rounder
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